Are you an existing Student lettings professional or Student Landlord who wants to reduce your overhead whilst building a business?

Are you looking for a rewarding career using leading automated PropTech building a successful business? Perhaps you haven’t had the support you need from your existing

You probably want to generate high net profit whilst having time to service all your clients and engage a team to run your business for you.

We deliver high occupancy and no hassle sign ups and you can trust us as the first to market with viewings, automated reservation, booking, and contract signing! You can take advantage of market leading systems that is trusted by the largest estate agents in the UK with more than £2 Billion throughput.

You will be shown how it’s local knowledge and reduced hassle that are the key for developers and professional landlords. Your Property Technology will deliver that. What makes you different is the personal service you can achieve and the amount of property you can shift compared to other agents.

You will be able to provide a range of services to match needs from letting, viewing, automated signup management, strategic market approach including scheduling the best time to market. And we’re improving all the time with a program of automation end to end to deliver in 2018 which puts us years ahead of the competition.

You will be shown how to focus and sign up all the groups we accommodate. We concentrate on short term contracts less than a year such as students, University campus for 1st years, postgraduates schemes, highly skilled apprentices, foreign student and professionals.

As well as us developing and assisting in your marketing plan, you will have a central team working on your behalf to generate leads for developments and local professional landlords. Our advertising spend will be efficiently positioned and we are known for achieving greater results than even the onsite marketers.

You will be shown how to develop great relations with the universities so that you become their trouble shooter when they hit problems with other vendors.

Your marketing and booking software is dynamic with some units reserved, booked and contracts completed in 1 day with applicants across different continents. You have the comfort in that we can deal with anytime bookings having experienced nearly 30 bookings completed and fees paid in 1 night in one area. Students and other applicants can reserve, book and pay when they want to. We have students who would rather pay an admin fee to use the automated no hassle system than go direct and get discounts!

Every university town is different so we’ll help you devise your price setting, timely advertising and re-marketing to create the integrity with your clients. You can advertise just enough of development units so that Rightmove and other portals are not overcome with the same units. We have uploaded over 700 and 1000 units at a time easily. The units are managed daily to ensure the development gets just the right exposure.

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