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Exeter is a small city in the south of the UK; home to over 125,000 people, 20,000 of which are students. It’s home to a high ranking university – The University of Exeter which consistently ranks well in the National Student Survey and was even named the Sunday Times University of the year in 2013.

But Exeter isn’t just a great place to learn at also a great place to live. It is the perfect balance of modern and historical, giving you options for being to be in the city, countryside or coastline. This gives the students of the city options to experience a range of experiences and opportunities.

At first glance, Exeter can seem like a southern middle-class city with little to do, but that’s just not true. The city manages to balance modern and historic in perfect harmony.

The size of the city makes it incredibly convenient for students, almost everything will be within walking distance of your accommodation. The university is just a 20-minute walk from the great bars and restaurants inside the city centre.

Almost 20% of the cities population is student-based, making the city very student friendly and giving it a fun and friendly atmosphere that is in a mostly serene environment.

Wherever there are students, there is always nightlife, and Exeter is no different. Clubs and bars in the city host live bands and DJs most nights, and if you pick the right venue on the right night, the clubs are as lively anything London has to offer.

The city has an excellent selection of restaurants with food from all over the world and options from small cheap street vendors to more exceptional dining and some chic places. Firehouse is a particular favourite restaurant in the city and has been said to be the inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron in Exeter Alumni J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

The university is divided into three campuses. The largest is Streatham, which is on the hillside overlooking the bustling city centre. The 2 other campuses are smaller but easy to get to with local public transport, and most students find it most comfortable to locate themselves within the ‘Triangle’ of the three campuses.

There are plenty of green spaces throughout the city such as the Northernhay Gardens. They are perfect for relaxing in during the day with friends or going to when you need some fresh air after sitting in a stuffy library all day.

Student accommodation in Exeter is plentiful; whether you want to meet people and share a house or would prefer a more private place such as a flat or apartment, the perfect accommodation for you is out there.

Shared houses and flats to large purpose-built blocks, the range of student accommodation in Exeter are massive, and there is something for any budget, whatever you’re looking for Student homes are here to help you find it.

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